Mountain biking

Have you secretly dreamt of doing an Xterra but didn’t know how to start or believe you could? Think its impossible? Then read about our Xterra package. 3YO offers an 18 week training program leading up to the Xterra Grabouw on the 25th of February, coaching, swim, bike and run sessions. 3YO coaches will answer all your questions related to what you need to know about swim, bike, run, nutrition and know-how for planning your big event. Fedhealth XTERRA Grabouw is the biggest offroad triathlon in the world, with over 2000 warriors battling it out. Tough yes but not impossible.


Wednesday at 17:30 PM we do a bike (mountain) ride from Bmt. This will be a non technical session. We will ride in the Coetzenberg area, mostly jeep tracks, but sometimes easy single tracks. The session will take about 90 minutes.


  • Basic skills
  • Ride on different terrain
  • Get you fit for the bike ride (26 km)