The Orca 3.8 uses Aerodome 2 to give the optimum swim position. This utilizes the buoyancy attributes of each material to help you achieve equilibrium and reduce drag. Your torso and legs are lifted higher in the water, optimizing the swimming position, which in turn improves swim performance. Designed for swimming endurance distances, or for swimmers who will benefit from an improved torso and leg position in the water, the flexibility of the 3.8 has also been enhanced with the introduction of 1.5mm-2mm Yamaoto neoprene panels on the arm and underarm areas along with the use of our exclusive Infinity Skn lining. Features: Low profile neck limits water entry | reduces chafing | reduces drag Slipstream zip – low drag | easy to use Silicone hydrostroke forearm panels – increased water catchment giving more pull and traction Deltoid-trapezius flex zone (2mm) massive shoulder flexibility and range of motion Latissimus flex zone (2mm) massive core flexibility and range of motion Aerodrome 2 leg, core and back panels – strategic material selection and placement for unparalleled buoyancy acheiving the optimum swim position Nano scs coating – high grade coating to lower the drag co-efficient of the material Graphics inspired by the aerial view of a triathlon/ironman circuit



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