Both the pools are part of the Sport Campus at the University of Stellenbosch called Coetzenburg. The Swimmng pools are right next to the Maties Gymnasium which caters for high performance athletes.

Outdoor pool

  • Heated 50m FINA standard ten lane pool with constant depth 2m.
  • Width 25m with rimflow, footledge all round and wave breaker lane ropes
  • Raised end-walls with FINA competition standard starting blocks (Omega swiss timing) at start end
  • FINA waterpolo standard compliant
  • International Under water hockey compliant

10 Reasons why this is the most amazing pool

  • State of the art 50m outdoor pool
  • Walking distance from the town center
  • Next to the track and the gym
  • Its quiet, mostly you have your own private lane.
  • Easy parking
  • Always sunny (except when it rains)
  • Its open from 6 am till 10 pm
  • The cappuccino after the swim
  • Backdrop to views of the mountains
  • Plenty likeminded athletes hang out here


Indoor pool

  • Heated 25m standard 5 lane pool
  • Width 12.5m with footledge all round and wave breaker lane ropes