Annchen started running at age 7 and by the age of 13 was running top 5 fastest 1500m times u19 in South Africa. In 2008 she changed her focus to triathlon and 2012 switched to the longer distances. She has raced throughout Europe, Canada, Brazil, South Africa and Hawaii. In 2014 she come 2nd in her age group in SA long course champs; 2nd in age group Ironman South Africa won the French Long course open women’s category; raced 70.3 European Championships and Ironman World Championships respectively. In only 2 years of going “long” she achieved her dream to race Ironman World Championships, Kona Hawaii 2014. Annchen is passionate about all things triathlon and athletes reaching their goals. She works with beginners to intermediate runners and triathletes.

Annchen has coached athletes to smash PB in Ironman 70.3 after just 3months of working with her, to breaking PB in full Ironman by more than 1hour in following year. Further helped athlete reach age group podium in multiple 70.3 distance races. Successfully coached athletes to age group podium in gruelling 361km mountain bike race and athlete successfully completing ultra marathon Comrades race.

Annchen believes not one size fits all, women’s bodies are so different to mens; day to day athlete demands differs vastly from one to the next and all important to personalise programs to each individuals needs. To get the best out of each athlete she sets out to understand the athlete needs, goals and what ultimately makes them “tick” to help ensure to bring out the best of talent and hard work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We personalize triathlon and run training plans to meet the different needs of our clients including: IRONMAN triathlon, Ironman 70.3 Triathlon, Olympic & Sprint Triathlon and Running races from 5k to marathons.
Beginners training plans start out at less weekly training volume and have fewer and shorted intervals than the experienced athlete training plans. Training plans are personalized around lifestyle, family life and work commitments
The minimum stated physical requirements will vary by race distance, plan duration and athlete level. Following on from Q&A you will need to complete we will determine minimal requirements based on your goal and prior fitness levels.
We recommend that you consult with your physician prior to starting any exercise program.
Yes, we personalize your training plan around other commitments outside your training and recognize you will miss some of the workouts. We will adapt training plan and provide guidance, as you go to accommodate missed sessions. As a rule of thumb, if you can complete 70-85% of the given workouts per week, then you’ll be successful.
If you have more than one workout scheduled in your training plan, it does not matter which order you do the workouts in. You can also separate them into different parts of the day if that makes more sense for your schedule.
The one exception is triathlon BRICK workouts (bike immediately followed by run workout). The run should start within 5-10 minutes of finishing the bike in order to simulate a bike to run transition in a triathlon.
We create field test to determine your training zones for swim, bike and run. If done correctly, the results should be a good approximation of what you would learn from a metabolic test in the lab. We use training intensity zones in our training plans in order to differentiate the levels of intensity that you should maintain during each part of a workout. Training at different levels of intensity stimulates different training responses and is an effective tool to maximize training time.
You can email us to request all the swim drills plus other training tools required.


Annchen has coached me for the last three years through 4 IM distance races. It’s been so great to work with her. I had a nasty bike accident 3 years ago and had to take 4 months out with no exercise. Annchen got me race ready from pretty much zero fitness for a 70.3 3 months later where I did a PB and then for my first IM 2 months after that.Natali Sivil